Conference Interpreting

Usually, at conferences, speak foreign speakers. That is when interpreters come in. Interpreting is done simultaneously while the speaker speaks, and the audience listens to the interpreter through the headphones in real time. In normal circumstances, conferences are interpreted by two interpreters, who are sitting in interpreting booths. My colleagues and I are a great team that can manage even the trickiest speeches.

Business meeting Interpreting

Are you going to a meeting with a foreign client or business partner? Such meetings are usually interpreted in a consecutive way, i.e., an interpreter interprets and lets the parties to speak in turns.  At such a meeting, as an interpreter, I will accompany you, mediate communication and help you achieve the desired result. 

Training and Workshop Interpreting

If you need to facilitate information and educate your listeners in a foreign language, you cannot do it without an interpreter. I will help you to convey the information in such a way, that the participants would understand it and retain the necessary information from the training, whether this training takes place in production directly on various machines, different workshops, or professional seminars.

How it works?

What you need to know when requesting an interpreting


Type of Event

First of all, I need to know what kind of event I will be interpreting and based on that, I will advise you what type of interpreting is most suitable.


Time and Venue

Another important thing I need to know, are the details of the event (date/s, time, and place (Am I expected to interpret over several days, do I need to travel a day in advance?). Last, but not least, is the Subject/Topic of the event.



To provide you with the highest possible quality interpreting, I need to familiarise myself with the subject to be interpreted. The best interpreted events are those when the interpreter is fully prepared. This can be achieved by having access to sufficient materials and documents well in advance of the event.


Tailor-made Pricing

Once, I have this information, I will prepare a quote and we can discuss and agree on further details.


What do the clients say about me?

We were extremely satisfied with Mr. Salay. During the staff audit he proved to be very helpful, professional, and friendly partner for us. He quickly got into his role, and the topic, and was a great support for us, especially during personal interviews. The staff gave us incredibly positive feedback about him. We would be very happy to use his services again, and we can recommend him with great confidence.

Deutsche Post AG

We have been working with Oskar for a long time. He translates articles, websites, and other materials for us. We can always rely on consistency of quality of delivered work, efficient communication, and above all, extreme reliability in keeping deadlines, which is rare to see.

Vladimír Darák


Thank you for your services during introducing the new machinery, the feedback we received about you was excellent.  I'm sure we'll reach out to you again in the future.

John Steel

Bauer Gear Motor

We greatly appreciate the quality and especially the speed of Mr. Salay's translation, even under strict time constrain. We are very satisfied; we will definitely use his services in the future.

Jitka Kazmerová

Atlas Group

We were able to completely rely on the interpreting of Mr. Salay during the business negotiations, and we look forward to working with him again.

Peter Walsh

Röchling SE & Co. Kg


Do you need an advice or a quote?

I am at your disposal.